Husband & Wife Disputes

Solution For All Problems

The relationship between husband and wife depends on belief and love. Husband and wife relationship is delightful and attractive of Couples. They commitment each other for whole life with trust on each other and always be together in any situations of life, loving each other in their whole life. After marriage, some relationship will occur argument in their marriage life. They argue against each other for minor things and this will make a major Issue in their life. Marriage is the most important Part in life and there are many trials and inclination that has to spread

Remember there was a time when you and your spouse were inseparable that all your friends used to throw exasperated sighs calling you love birds. Well it is strange how things turn sour very quickly in a marriage. Pining for one another seems like a distant memory and showering affection seems long lost. Husband and wife relationship problems are common in most of the households but what happens when you find it almost incorrigible to live with one another. We have the perfect solution for resolving all the contempt you feel for your spouse. We prescribe a set of rituals and mantras to eradicate all the hatred and turn them into pure affection for one another.

The main issues between the married couples are ego, lack of interest, not having an enough time to spend between them, extra affair and so on. Based on misplacement of stars also, some dissolvable fights may be happen in married life. Our astrologer kalidas ji can easily solve all your issues and correct your position of stars in a right place. The couples disputes will not exceed for so many days because day by day it can become a big problem and it will leads to the end of the marriage bond called divorce. Once they separated then it will affect not only them but also the children and family members.