Palm Reading

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Palmistry is a technique of counseling that astrologers are using for decades. It is a very small part of a very vast study known as Samudrik Shastra which exactly means the ocean of knowledge. Palmistry is just a part of this deep knowledge and deals specifically with the palm reading i.e. the study of hand lines and prints.

Palmistry is the practice or indicates of telling fortunes from the lines, checks and case on the palm of the hands. Palms are framed amid birth. These imprints and lines will be with you till your end. These lines say something which can just read by palmist. Our Guru is master palmist in USA. Indian Astrology Consultant in USA could tell all your future and past just by taking a gander at ones palm. Top Indian Astrologer IN USA is the best Palmist.

Palmistry is not a technique of fortune telling. The real meaning of palmistry is meant for counseling and personality assessment. One's social attitude, emotional tendencies, conscious awareness, subconscious blockages, strength, and fear can be judged in detail through this profound system with the proper analysis of lines and markings on hand. But now a day, it is also used by the astrologers to calculate or to forecast the future of a person; it is a perfect technique especially for a personality assessment.

Palmistry is a dynamic process. The lines, mounts, curve, and signs on our hand depict our thinking, our behavior and provides a certain type of reading to a person. The marking s, lines, and curves on our hands changes with the change in our behavior and thinking. Right or left - Which hand is meant for palmistry reading?

As per the best Palmistry in Astrologer Kalidas ji in USA both the hands need to be read for best predictions. While reading, active hand is read by the astrologer in comparison with inactive hand.